Saturday, May 24, 2008

Our FIRST Saturday Soapbox!!!

I am still working on the html development of this meme, including the use of Mr. Linkies, but for now we are going to have to work with the "archaic" :) The Saturday Soapbox meme will be for anyone to "get on their soapbox" about a topic specific to adoption. So, if you have something to say...please share :) If you want to stand on your soapbox over at your blog, please link back to us.

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Dawn & Joe DeLorenzo said...

So, I will go first:) As I research adoption I am finding tremendous discord between members of the adoption triad that is disquieting to me. I feel that the formation of a coalition between members of the triad is the key to change. We all know there is power in numbers...if we could unite on the core issues we would have a powerful voice and be a catalyst for ending corruption in adoption. I have been chatting with an adoptee and having some productive conversations that I wish were more the norm rather than the exception. It pains me to see all the harsh labels being applied to the triad members. Adoptees who are hurting are labeled "bitter" or "ungrateful" while adopters and PAPs are labeled "elitist and classist" while being portrayed as having a sense of entitlement. Natural mothers are both loved and feared. We need to listen more and strive for empathy and understanding. The one thing we all have in common is our love of the child ~ the adoptee. Furthermore, all traid members are adamently opposed to the current corrupt and criminal element in adoption. I hope we can unite to totally uproot this evil that is perverting adoption.