Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What Do You Think About the New Look?

Once again, Amy, at SplitDecisionz, has done a fabulous job (IMHO)! I love the new design and hope all of you do too :) I wanted this blog to be appealing, clean, and easy to navigate. I think that objective has been met. Please, let me know what you think!

Something new on 3C that I want to introduce is the 3C Award:
The 3C Award will be given on a monthly basis to one blogger who is committed to advocating for ethical adoption reform. Our first 3C Award will be announced on July 1st!


Kim said...

I think it looks great. The header image is very powerful. I also like the lighter colors (easier on my tired old eyes) and it is indeed easy to navigate.

Brass Ovaries said...

I agree with Kim. That black background was eye strain waiting to happen for the presbiopic among us.

I just sent you an email about another award. I read a lot of blogs and these agency trolls who make comments defending their agency has been a source of side-splitting laughter for me in the last few weeks. Perhaps we need to award the trolls for the most idiot comment online every month or something? Why do PAPs have to sabotage the efforts of PAPS trying to clean up adoption agency practices in this childish way anyway? You know the type. The ones to paraphrase them say "well, I got my kid and how dare anyone fault my precious agency for something as minor as committing a felony crime?"

Awarding the adoption reform crowd for their advocacy is a great idea. Kudos for inventing that one Dawn D.