Sunday, June 1, 2008

2Lyrical's Adoption Utopia

We are Pro Choice. Although the subject of abortion is not really an issue when it comes to adoption - after all, we're talking about children who have already been born - there is always the question "Why didn't this woman get an abortion?"

Which is understandable in the United States and other countries where abortion is legal. However, many persons feel having an abortion is truly the killing of a baby. Women in a crisis pregnancy situation may very well be pro-life, but yet, do not feel they can raise a child for whatever reasons.

Therefore, our adoption utopia would be, for women all over the world, who are faced with a crisis pregnancy situation, to have access to counseling, good prenatal care and NO COERCION with respect to her unborn baby. If a woman feels, after counseling, after speaking to medical professionals, her family, the father of her unborn baby or children, that she cannot care for this child, adoption would be, in our opinion, the best option for her.

A reasonable amount of relinquishment time is needed for these women to make a decision, after the baby is born, if they can parent or not. By "reasonable amount of relinquishment time" I mean two, three, four months. Not right out of the womb.

Yes, there are some women who, upon birth of the child, have bolted from the where the baby was born, leaving the baby behind - this happens - if in that case, well, a home is needed ASAP for the baby. Not a baby dump law either - and that's a whole other argument.

AFTER ALL OPTIONS HAVE BEEN EXHAUSTED, if the woman chooses to parent the child, there should be no guilt associated with her choice. There should be resources made available to her to keep the baby IF she feels she can handle it. Raising a baby is a daunting task.

And if after the woman has had the child & she feels she still cannot parent the child, she should relinquish the child with no guilt or harassment.

We don't believe in parenthood by coercion. It haunts us that our own son's birthparents may have been paid off. Quite honestly, we never wanted to be parents because we thought it was our god-given right to adopt a child.

Adoption without GUILT and without coercion. Money, of course, is another issue for another day.

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Dawn & Joe DeLorenzo said...

Thanks for sharing your views Dan and Elizabeth! One has to wonder if an adoption "utopia" or even an ethical adoption system can exist with money being involved. I think not. I think it needs to be a social service. :)Dawn