Friday, June 6, 2008

WOW! America's Most Wanted Contacted Us...

I am really excited ~ I opened my e-mail to find a message from the production manager of America's Most Wanted who found my e-mail address on He received a dossier on Orson from Laura (her hard work continues to pay off even in death) and said they are interested in developing more on this case. I am sooo excited that Orson may indeed have to face the consequences of his actions. God, I pray this show is able to bring that low-life dirtbag to justice!

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Stacy said...

What a great opportunity! But be prepared that it may take a while for things to develop. Dateline first contacted me in winter 2006, I did a phone interview with them in the Spring, we filmed the interview in the summer, and it didn't air until January 2007. That's over a year in production (that I know of). The local news story happened much faster, I was contacted on Good Friday and it aired mid-May, but that still wasn't immediate.

AMW has a great track record on finding fugitives!