Saturday, August 16, 2008

Article in Conceive Magazine

The fall 2008 issue of Conceive Magazine just hit the stands. If you click the title of this post you can read the article that we were interviewed for. Joni is quoted as well as Maria Fullana-Jornet and her husband Carlos Iudica. My husband thinks it makes us sound like idiots. I think it is a good article. What do you guys think?


Brass Ovaries said...

No one looks stupid. I'm glad the author addressed domestic and IA fraud. Plus I think the illustration of the looming crook in the prison stripes was very well chosen for the article.

Stacy said...

Not stupid at all! I love that illustration Brass Ovaries mentioned. (I thought it looked a little like my buddy!) I wish the article had included some of those warning signs that you're STUCK in a scam, rather than just how to avoid one.

Good article! Keep talking, I know people are listening. Someone today just told me how important it is to get a good agency because "there are lots of stories about crooks out there." She's a new friend, I decided not to tell her I'm already one of those stories.

Brass Ovaries said...

Excellent point Stacy. I spend far too much of my career helping PAPs recognize they are stuck in a scam and trying to help them out of scams. By the time they get to me, the damage done is deep. And HARSH - financially, emotionally, physically.

I disagree that scams are rare but then again, I spend my working week seeing the spirit-crushing effects of unethical adoption agencies.

Kudos to Dawn. And I am really proud of Maria for speaking up about wrongful adoption.

The really odd thing is I didn't know the boss was interviewed for this story until I read the article tonight.