Monday, January 1, 2007

3C Contributors

2Lyrical, AKA Elizabeth Case & Beware of BBAS. Daniel & Elizabeth Case have been active in the adoption reform movement since they adopted their son from Bulgaria in 2000. After having a harrowing experience in Russia where their infant son Cyril died in their hotel room, the Cases went on a mission to expose the real underside of the unregulated, profit-driven, ill-qualified and cruelty of the international adoption industry. They started with their own Medina, Ohio based agency, Building Blocks Adoption Service, Inc., and its foreign sources. Soon after, the Cases realized BBAS was not unique in its deceptive practices. There were other victims of even worse adoption practitioners who had cut a swath of pain and ill-gotten financial gains into PAPs and AParents.

Brass Ovaries, AKA Paula Cade & Plaintiff PAP, planned to adopt domestically and used Lutheran Social Services. LSSI completed the Cade's homestudy, but later altered the homestudy to reflect negatively on the couple after they filed a complaint against their case worker. Paula is a wealth of knowledge and also works as a paralegal for Fixel Law Offices, LLC.