Friday, September 19, 2008

Waiting Angels Lawsuit: New Pleadings

The Amended Complaint can be read HERE. The Answer to the Amended Complaint can be read HERE.

Adoption News You Can Use

New legal pleadings for Adoption International Program (Orson Mozes, Christen Brown and Kevin Anderson) and Project Oz (Kerry Palakanis) have been uploaded to These are all official court records and thus public. Dawn gets the honor of explaining what happened in court RE: AIP.

In other news, Masha Allen has filed a law suit against the agencies involved in her adoption by a pedophile. At this time, I have not downloaded the pleadings from PACER, but hope to obtain copies soon. I wish Masha the best.

AIP pleadings:

Project Oz Civil RICO complaint:

RE: Project Oz - be prepared to cry as you read this complaint.