Sunday, September 21, 2008

Christen Brown's Pathetic Attempt to Dismiss Case

Christen Brown's attorney filed a Motion to Dismiss - thankfully, but not surprisingly, it was denied. This woman is a character! She wants people to believe that she had "nothing" to do with AIP in spite of the fact that she is the EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR of the corporation and the fact that Orson Mozes could not have operated an adoption agency with her - as she was the one with the credentials to get licensed. Even if we fell for the pathetic excuse that she "had no clue" what Orson was doing...last time I checked - ignorance was not an excuse for breaking the law. Orson Mozes would not have been capable of defrauding numerous victims if it were not for the actions of Christen Brown.

It is laughable that she holds herself out to be "altruistic" in her efforts to salvage the company after Orson "disappeared". In an effort to conjure up sympathy , her attorney, describes her "selfless" efforts to keep the company afloat by investing her "own" money. We should have pity that she spent money to "attempt" to hold off a deluge of lawsuits by investing "her own money" in her own company? Boo-hoo. And all while living in her shabby little 3.5 million dollar house. Poor, poor Christen. PLEASE!

My biggest question is this: Why is she so unhelpful in the investigation to find her husband if she is suffering so much over his actions? Would you be a pretty pissed off woman if your husband truly robbed you and left you holding the bag? And yet, she has been described by the DA's office as being less than helpful. Do you mean to tell me that she has NO WAY of tracking down her husband - the father of her child? Once again - PLEASE!