Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Christen Brown is a GREEDY PIRANHA!

Christen Brown, Orson Mozes' ex-wife and the co-owner and Executive Director of the adoption agency (Adoption International Program) that bilked nearly a hundred PAPs out of their life savings and the children proved once again, in my opinion, that she is a GREEDY PIRANHA!

The Santa Barbara District Attorney's office found and froze assets that Mozes was attempting to hide totaling approximately $300k. Mozes is being ordered to pay restitution to his victims; unfortunately, that amount exceeds $700,000.00 so these victims will sadly only get a small percentage of their loss.

Mozes was scheduled to be sentenced yesterday. However, it was postponed. WHY? Because the GREEDY PIRANHA, Christen Brown, filed a motion claiming that SHE should get 100% of the money that they recovered from her ex-husband for child and spousal support. This woman does not care AT ALL about the pain and suffering that HER company inflicted on these victims. She is so greedy and selfish that she does not want a single penny to get away.

This is a woman who is now living in yet another multi-million dollar home (currently for sale for $2,395,000.00): yes! This poor woman is really suffering without her husband! In my opinion, I am sure that plenty of the victims' life savings paves her sidewalks.

The sentencing will now take place on Thursday, July 23rd. Deputy DA Paula Waldman will read all of the victim impact statements, and present her recommendation to the judge as to what should happen with the monies recovered from Mozes. She does not support Christen's opinion that she should get the money. For now, we will have to wait and see. If her claim is denied we are sure she will file an appeal because Ms. Greedy Piranha won't stop until she is sure she has kicked every one of the victims while they are down.