Thursday, May 15, 2008

Adoption Partners News Article

Many families are eager to adopt children from other countries and give them a loving home.
But some families who used an adoption service in the Upstate said they never got what they were promised.

WYFF News 4's Tim Waller talked to a Stacy Bernstein of Peekskill, N.Y., who said Adoption Partners of Simpsonville took her money and failed to deliver.
Bernstein said that she lost more than $11,000 to the agency, but more than the money, she said she believes she has lost the opportunity to adopt a 4-year-old Guatemalan girl named Ingrid.

Bernstein said that Adoption Partners told her that Ingrid would be her child once an international adoption was finalized.

"It's horrible. It's horrible. I look at this and I see her as the 13-year-old American New Yorker that I envisioned her as, that I know she's never going to be," Bernstein told WYFF News 4.

Bernstein said that Ingrid's adoption started to go bad when Adoption Partners told her that Ingrid's birth mother had two identification cards, one of which might be fraudulent.
"Then I was told, 'well, it'll be fixed any day now.' " Bernstein said. "Any day now became months and months. Any day now still hasn't come."

The Better Business Bureau said that Adoption Partners of Simpsonville has gotten complaints from across the country.

Tim's Looking Out 4 You report on international adoptions will air Thursday on WYFF News 4 at 5.



Stacy said...

It aired last night (click on that link to see the video). Joanne Mitchell responded that the current problems in Guatemala related to the Hague are at fault, but I want to remind people that MY case happened in 2006 - two years before the Hague! The piece does have another attorney who explained how agencies are using the Hague to justify their own poor ethics.

I graduate today, this was the perfect present. DSS is now (finally!) seriously investigating Adoption Partners.

Brass Ovaries said...

Folks, I posted the version of the story prior to it being aired. A longer version with video is no available on the TV station website and it is stellar. Stacy, you were fabulous!